Napoli在切尔西问题最后通牒koulibalyw88top和# 8211;报告

Kalidou Koulibaly Football365

切尔西 追求另类的防守目标告诉那不勒斯,他们最终给Kalidou Koulibaly后,据报道。


然而,切尔西现在可以将注意力转移到 都灵和# 8217;Nikola Maksimovic,一个最后的出价约4000万£餐桌上的塞内加尔国脚Koulibaly,根据每日电讯报

Napoli are also interested in Maksimovic, who could cost around £25million and went on strike last week in an attempt to force a move from the Serie A club。

对系统特性的未来,都灵体育 Gianluca Petrachi主任说:“我们的 BM88een talking to Napoli about Maksimovic since January, so there’s been too much talk and not enough action。

“Now he is wanted by a big foreign club too, but at the same time we won’t rule out him staying too。 It’s not just Napoli who want Maksimovic, but also a big club from abroad。

“It is an English club and the Premier League does have greater financial resources than other leagues。”