wengerw88top和# 8216;感到内疚和# 8217;在错过了冠军的机会

Arsene Wenger Arsenal

Arsene Wenger说他觉得和# 8220;罪与# 8221;与# 8220;后悔&W88# 8221;在阿森纳错过了机会,结束12年的等待一个联赛冠军。

很多枪手球迷看到了上赛季错失的机会为5000-1 弱者,莱斯特市荣获以下 童话般的赛季在克劳迪奥·拉涅利。

阿森纳还是第二放置完成最后的战役和# 8211;自从2004-05和# 8211最好;但旺热承认,他经常会和# 8220;后悔与# 8221;挥霍后的好机会。

与# 8220;当然,所有的大俱乐部,我们经历了那个赛季的遗憾和感到内疚,与# 8221;他告诉天空体育新闻

“Guilt because you want to predict who would win the league and you would not have included Leicester so everybody else would say we should have come in front of Leicester。”

The Frenchman has a lot of respect for what the Foxes achieved last campaign and will be hoping his Gunners team can find that level of consistency this term。

“They had an exceptional season and exceptional quality,” he added。 “They were absolutely, remarkably consistent。”

The 66-year-old only has a year to run on his existing contract and is unsure whether he will be staying on after the season ends。

“You never know,” he said。 “You have to do it as if it is your whole life but know as well that you can stop at any moment。 What I will do is work as long as I have the physical potential to work。”