Arsenal Laurent Koscielny

劳伦特·科斯切尔尼誓言,阿森纳将挑战冠军尽管他们的竞争对手和# 8217;与# 8220;令人难以置信的和# 8221;支出今年夏天。


球迷再次转向Arsene Wenger,并劝他把牙齿游客挣扎着创造明显的机会。


与# 8220W88;总是。我们是阿森纳与# 8211;我们为冠军而战。每一场比赛,我们想赢得比赛,与# 8221;他说。

与# 8220;This season will be very difficult because of the top clubs spending a lot of money on transfers, it’s unbelievable. But sometimes the collective can be better than individual players. So we want to keep our philosophy and play football.”


Koscielny是以1-0输给了葡萄牙国家队的一部分,不适合在上周与# 4-3击败利物浦的8217;但表示,球员需要更多的时间来恢复,这是很自然的。

与# 8220;You could see last week we lost Aaron Ramsey with an injury and now he’s out for one month,” Koscielny told arsenal.com. 与# 8220;When we have a summer tournament it’s the same for every other team, not just for Arsenal. I’m sure every other team is the same.

与# 8220;The players come back later and need more time to be fit, to be ready for the game. Last week (we didn’t play) because we weren’t fit and it was important to have one more week for training to be fit this week, and you can see, no one got injured.”